Mobile App

The mobile app allows your customers to: view the menu, view new offers and promotions, order and pay for orders using their phone.
There are also microinteractions and gamification to engage your customers.

Quick order
With the PubBear app you do not have to wait in line. YAll you need is a smartphone and you can make your order directly from your phone from your table.
Build loyalty
The app lets customers collect points and thanks to notification you can stay in touch with your customers.
Seamless service
Intuitive design and a simplified ordering process provide for an amazing customer service. The menu is always at hand and orders can be made at anytime.
Use the app anywhere
Customers can use the app any place where there is the PubBear mark.
Reward your customers for purchases and specify the tasks for which they will receive gifts.
Mobile payments
Pay for your order with PAYU without leaving the app.

How does PubBear work?

Pub Bear
accelerate your customer service

For pub and restaurant owners

PubBear combines a mobile app, interactive DB and BLE (bluetooth beacons) which together create a sales support tool for pub and restaurant owners.
Thanks to the PubBear system, business have in their hands a flexible analytics tool to analyze customer traffic and sales data.

Know your customers
Gather intelligence data on your guests preferences to later provide them with superior experience.
Business Intelligence
Increase turnover by 7-10%. With advanced analytics tools, you can better understand your customers to provide a better service and increase sales.
Promote selected products
Let your promotions constantly adapt to the needs of your customers through an active behavioral data structure.

Questions ?

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